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Australian Tax Office Information Gathering Guide

The Australian Tax Office (ATO) recently released a guide on their approach to information gathering. The quite comprehensive 53 page guide provides an insight to both the principles adopted by the ATO in exercising their powers and the considerable extent of those powers.

Australia’s Income Tax Assessment Act 1936 (ITAA 36) confers many of the relevant information gathering powers. These powers include both the power to give formal notices requiring information to be provided and formal access powers.

For example, §263 of ITAA 36 allows an authorized ATO officer to “…at all times have full and free access to all buildings, places, books, documents and other papers” and to Read more

Trust Fund Recovery Penalty – #13 – Information Gathering

TaxConnections Picture - Dollar Sign and Money13. INFORMATION GATHERING

§ 5:68 In General

Once, a Revenue Officer has determined the basic financial and organizational information about a company, he or she will begin gathering supporting documents. It is standard practice to summon the company’s banks for corporate resolutions, signature cards, bank statements, cancelled checks, and loan agreements. Revenue Officers will also seek copies of contracts, leases, and corporate minutes books. Normally at the outset of the investigation, the Revenue Officer will not have the corporate tax returns, but as the investigative process begins, he or she will request copies from the Service Center.

§ 5:69 Oral Presentations

Oral presentations on behalf of your client sometimes will prevent assertion. Always point out your client’s dire financial situation when appropriate since the Internal Revenue Service might give her a pass based upon uncollectibility. [IRM]