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How To Write A Letter Ruling Request To The IRS

IRS- How To Write A Revenue Ruling Request

To assist you in preparing a Letter Ruling Request, TaxConnections is providing this sample format. This Letter Ruling Request Template will be helpful as an outline for anyone writing one. If your request is different from the sample format, a different format will not defer consideration of your Letter Ruling Request. We simply want to provide you with a general sample and outline in writing one.

What Is A Letter Ruling?

A letter ruling is a written determination issued to a taxpayer by IRS Chief Counsel in response to the taxpayer’s written inquiry, submitted prior to the filing of returns or reports required under federal law. In general, it concerns the requester’s status for tax purposes or the tax effects of its acts or transactions. Letter rulings and other similar ruling requests interpret the tax laws and apply them to the taxpayer’s specific set of facts. You must pay a User fee that can range from $200 to $28,300, depending upon the type of ruling being sought.

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