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Biggest IRS Things To Remember During Government Shut Down

TaxConnections Blogger Ronald Cappucio posts about Government Shut DownThe IRS is scaling back operations during the Government Shutdown

These are the things to remember:

1. FILE all tax returns on time.

2. PAY all tax deposits and balances on time. For example, the October 15 extension date for filing Individual returns still applies.

3. The IRS computers will be generating notices, levies, and other tax actions and the websites should be working.

4. AUDITS will be delayed until after the shutdown.

5. Some COLLECTION activities will be delayed.

6. All TIME DEADLINES remain in effect. If you have a letter stating you must respond in 30 days, 90 days, etc, and you do not, you will lose your appeal rights when the IRS does reopen.

Here is an excerpt for RIA Checkpoint:

Government shutdown forces IRS to scale back operations Read more