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The Gift Tax Lien

The Gift Tax Lien

Under IRC §6324(b), the gift tax lien comes into existence upon the making of a gift by a donor, if the donor is, in fact, liable for a tax in respect to such gift, or any other in the same taxable year. The gift tax lien, like the estate tax lien, arises automatically, and requires no action by the Service. Unless the donor files a gift tax return, there is no statute of limitations on the gift and the Service may examine the gift at any time.

The gift tax lien attaches only to the property that is the subject of the gift. It does not attach to any of the donor’s property. It may attach to the other property of the recipient of the gift in a manner similar to the way an estate tax lien may attach to other property of a decedent’s distributees or transferees. This is because the recipient is made personally liable for any gift tax incurred by the donor on a gift, made during the calendar year, to the extent of the value of the property received if the tax is not paid when due.

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Don’t Gamble With Gift Tax Returns

Beginning in 2011, the Internal Revenue Service started cracking down on taxpayers who did not file gift tax returns after making gifts that required reporting. Working with state or county agencies, the IRS started using real estate property records to spot land transfers between family members for no or little consideration, according to an October 2011 Forbes magazine article. Taxpayers who are caught not filing a gift tax return and owe taxes can count on paying the failure-to-file penalty along with interest charges.

a. Who Must File

You do not have to file a gift tax return as long as the amount you give to one person does not exceed $ 14,000 (for the 2013 calendar year). If you are married, you and your spouse Read more