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Federal Court Orders Taxpayer To Repatriate Assets To Satisfy FBAR Penalty Judgment

Federal Court Orders Taxpayer to Repatriate Assets to Satisfy FBAR Penalty Judgment

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Our firm has written extensively on FBAR penalties.  For example, see hereherehere, and here.  As a quick summary, Title 31 of the United States Code authorizes the United States to impose civil penalties against taxpayers who fail to properly disclose their interests in foreign accounts and certain foreign assets on a timely filed FBAR.  The amount of the penalty depends on whether the conduct at issue was “willful” or “non-willful,” with willful penalties being the harshest—i.e., up to 50% of the highest account balances of the foreign accounts that were not properly disclosed for each year of the non-disclosure.

Without doubt, FBAR penalties, particularly those due to willful conduct, are extremely harsh and punitive in nature.  Thus, I am not surprised when clients ask me from time to time what could happen after the United States obtains a lawful judgment for the FBAR penalties against them?  The simple answer:  if payment or payment arrangements are not made, the United States will use all of its expansive resources to collect the penalty through involuntary means, such as seizures of property, garnishment, and other methods.

Indeed, the recent decision in Schwarzbaum shows just how far the United States will go to collect on an FBAR penalty judgment against a taxpayer.

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The Freeman Law International Tax Symposium

The Freeman Law International Tax Symposium

Join leading tax experts from across the globe, as we discuss tax trends that are reshaping international taxation.

We have assembled leading experts from across the world, along with key government officials and other industry leaders, setting the stage for unparalleled thought leadership—all delivered in a format made for 2021 and beyond. Learn from recognized leaders, as we discuss:

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  • International Criminal Tax Enforcement
  • The Untold Story of Swiss Bank Secrecy and a
    revolutionary Era of International Tax Enforcement
  • Transfer Pricing Developments
  • A Closer Look at GILTI and FDII
  • Cryptocurrency – Global Enforcement Trends
  • The Tax Information Age—Global Information Exchange
  • Cross-Border Tax Planning Opportunities

For more information and to register, see our International Tax Symposium page.