250+ Tax Jokes eBook

We have been communicating with so many tax professionals who are working in a very fast-paced and complex tax environment. There are greater demands on the tax profession than ever before in the history of the tax profession. TaxConnections is working behind the scenes to lessen your workload and make it it easier to do your job. We want to remind you at this time to add a bit of laughter to your life this week.

We have a gift of an ebook for you with more than 250+ tax jokes and quotes to add some laughter to your professional life. You can download the book here:


For tax professionals who are looking to attract new clients to their practice, it is important to be seen and heard. We will be inviting small groups of TaxConnections Members to private teleconference calls to help you improve your opportunities to attract a higher end clientele. Contact Kat@taxconnections.com to request attendance in one of these valuable private sessions for TaxConnections Members. You will learn important inside information that few are aware of in this new market.