Beginning in 2014, an eligible individual or family member covered under a qualified health plan through a Health Insurance Marketplace (Exchange) is allowed a premium tax credit.

The premium tax credit offsets the cost of premiums paid for healthcare coverage in a qualified health plan. It is unusual in that taxpayers are able to take advantage of the credit in advance of filing an income tax return for the taxable year of coverage.

Advance credit payments are made directly to the insurance provider. The amount of the advance credit payments is determined when an individual enrolls in a qualified health plan through an Exchange and is based on projected household income and family Read More

As I have been helping my Mom transition into life as a widow many interesting facts have begun to resonate. Particularly intriguing for me today under Regs. §1.2-2(b)(4) parent(s) can be claimed as a dependent if you meet the usual support, citizenship, gross income, and joint return tests.

Interestingly enough if you are single you can file as head of household if you claim your parent or pay more than half the cost of keeping them in a rest home or home for the elderly. Fortunately my mom is nowhere ready for that sort of treatment we hope. However in my most recent research efforts I’ve been intrigued by two separate and distinct opportunities worth consideration: Read More