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2019 Corporate Tax Hiring Trends – What You Need To Know

As the CEO of, and an internationally recognized expert in executive search for tax professionals, I want to alert you to important trends we are observing in our retained executive search services division. Most tax executives we work with generally do not respond to online ads or submit their resumes to resume portals when companies have an open tax role. Tax professionals are generally not comfortable sending their resume into a resume portal to an unknown person only to receive an automated messaging system and never to be heard from again. They value their privacy when it comes to considering other opportunities. This trend places companies at a huge disadvantage when searching for corporate tax expertise for their organizations.

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TaxConnections Connects CEOs, CFOs, VPs With Tax Experts Worldwide

Kat Jennings

TaxConnections is excited to announce we will be releasing Taxexpedia, an updated version of Ask Tax Questions, to the world of Tax CEOs, CFOs, and VPs during the 4th quarter of 2016. We will be helping management of organizations, large and small, connect with tax experts who can assist them with a wide range of tax problems.

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The “Internet Tax” — Two Common (But Wrong) Beliefs About Marketplace Fairness and Sales Tax Nexus

When the Senate overwhelmingly passed the Marketplace Fairness Act (“MFA”) (S. 743) on May 6, 2013 tax professionals and other CPAs naturally took notice. Many journalists and bloggers have taken notice, too, writing prolifically about the so-called “Internet sales tax.” This is the closest such legislation has come to being enacted, and so naturally it is newsworthy. However, many in their excitement have begun talking about the passage of this Act as if it is a foregone conclusion. So far the MFA has passed the Senate. But some say it has a tough road ahead in the House and that it may even be dead-on-arrival in the Republican-controlled House.

Will it pass? We don’t know and can’t predict. The only thing we can be sure of is that whether the MFA passes or not, sales tax nexus is and will continue to be a very relevant, complex issue demanding attention by businesses large and small and their CPAs.

False Belief Number One: If The Marketplace Fairness Act Passes, Everyone Will Have Nexus Everywhere. Nexus Will Be Obsolete.

We are actually hearing this statement in one form or another from many CPAs and other professionals. While we could agree that the physical presence aspect of nexus has been under pressure since the Quill case and that the pressure appears to be increasing every year, we can not agree that nexus would be obsolete. The MFA still has many questions that need to be answered. For example, if the MFA does pass in the House, what modifications will be made and what will the final version look like? Will all the states participate? What will be the minimum threshold? Read more

Are You Aware of TaxConnections?

Recently, I have been talking with Kat Jennings and Tracey Glenn of TaxConnections. I am always trying to help CPAs and CPA firms become more visible and more successful. This could be a resource that will aid you in promoting your tax knowledge. Here’s some information about TaxConnections.

What is TaxConnections?TaxConnections is an interactive Worldwide Directory of Tax Professionals that connects consumers with tax professionals and tax services around the world.

What kind of tax professionals can be found on Tax Connections? – TaxConnections promotes tax professionals from corporations, law firms, public accounting firms, tax service firms, tax associations, government, independents and academia in more than 57 countries around the world. It is the very first social media site for tax professionals worldwide.

How does TaxConnections benefit consumers? – In one click, consumers can find tax professionals and tax services worldwide. Consumers can also ask tax questions and receive answers. It is all free.

How does TaxConnections benefit tax professionals? – Tax professionals who establish a media presence always have a competitive advantage. They improve tax professionals visibility nationally and internationally.

You can find lots of good tax information on their Facebook page. If you keep checking the TaxConnections Tax blog page, you’ll find me here, too.

The old saying, “the world is shrinking” sure applies to your tax practice these days. I like their worldwide focus.