TaxConnections Picture - Louisiana FlagOn September 23, 2013 the Louisiana Tax Amnesty program started. The state has one of the harshest tax recovery programs in the nation. Many states have programs that will suspend your driver’s license and/or professional licenses if you have a large balance due for state income taxes. Louisiana has the same program, however, they start doing suspensions (aggressively) at the $1000 level and they will suspend not only your drivers and professional licenses, but also your hunting and fishing licenses, and that’s a big deal in Duck Dynasty country!

From 23 September thru 22 November 2013, taxpayers who owe the State of Louisiana Department of revenue back taxes can enter into an amnesty agreement. This covers all taxes except Motor Fuel Taxes, Prepaid 411 Sales taxes, Oil Field (Gas/Oil) Restoration taxes, and penalties for failure to submit withholding taxes. The taxes must have been due prior to 1 Jan 2013, all of your tax returns must be filed and up to date, the taxpayer may not be under criminal tax investigation by the state and you are eligible even if you are already in a payment plan or garnishment situation.

In order to qualify you must pay all the outstanding tax and 50% of the interest. The penalties and the other 50% of the interest will be waived. This is a great deal for folks who have outstanding back taxes from years ago that have Read More