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Tag Archive for Double Taxation Treaty

Updates On Cyprus Double Taxation Treatys (DDT’s) With Saudi Arabia And Ethiopia

Cyprus and Saudi Arabia signed a Double Taxation Treaty on the 3rd of January 2018. The DTT that was signed amongst the two countries will be implemented on the 1st of January 2019, after all legalities are completed.


0% Withholding Tax on Dividend Distributions

According to the relevant DTT, dividends will not be subject to withholding tax when the beneficial owner is a company that directly or indirectly holds 25% or more of the capital in the paying company. The aforementioned regulation does not include partnerships. In all other situations, dividends will be subject to 5% withholding tax. Read more

Exposure To UK CGT For Non-Residents

When faced with a large tax bill and the administrative burden of having to file Tax Returns in two jurisdictions, people always regret not getting professional taxation advice BEFORE they completed the transaction.

Over the past number of years I’ve been contacted by several Irish citizens returning home from the UK where they’ve lived and worked for a number of years.

In the majority of cases, these individuals have had difficulty selling their UK homes and, as a result, may have rented them out for a number of years until a suitable buyer was found.

Their main question they asked was “Do I have an Irish and a UK Capital Gains Tax Read more