One day, you had an idea for a business. Acting on your dreams, you formed a corporation and opened a business. As it turned out, your business was highly successful but now you would like to step back, sell your stock, and enjoy the fruits of your labors. But you hesitate because you really don’t want to pay such a huge tax bill.

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Lease and Rental Source of Income

Under the Software Regulations, income derived from the rental of a copyrighted article is sourced under Section 861(a)(4) and 862(a)(4).  As a general rule, rents and royalties are sourced to the place where the leased or licensed property is located, or where the lessee or licensee uses, or is entitled to use the property.

Leased property is used where it is physically located at the time of its use by the lessee. Therefore a computer program copy that is “rented” under a limited duration license should be considered to be used at the place where the computer that hosts the program is physically located while the lessee uses the program. If the copy resides on the lessee’s Read More