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Casualty And Theft Losses – Figuring The Amount of The Loss That Can Be Deducted

Generally, you may claim an itemized deduction for any casualty and theft losses you suffered, but you must first determine the amount of the loss, and then figure the amount of the deduction.

Determining the amount of the loss

To determine the amount of loss you need to do two calculations:

• You first must calculate the adjusted basis of your property. The adjusted basis is usually the original cost of the property plus the cost of improvements, minus depreciation, and any previous casualty losses claimed.
• You must then calculate the decrease in fair market value of the property caused by the Read more

Paying Too Much Or Too Little In Taxes? First Look At Your Withholdings

Are you an early filer or do you like to wait? I guess some of that depends on whether you are getting money back or you owe! When my clients owe money to the government and we have gone down every route there could possibly be to reduce their taxes, I remind them about their missed October tax planning appointment and we usually look at their withholdings.

An employer requires you to give them information on how much tax needs to be withheld from your paycheck. Based on the information that is provided to them, the employer then proceeds to withhold & submit income taxes on your behalf to the Internal Revenue Service. This information from you is obtained by means of the Form W-4. Read more