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Much Anticipated “Free-Trade Zone” – China Officially Opened In Shanghai on September 29, 2013

TaxConnections Member and Blogger Yvette Kwong posts about China Free Trade ZoneAs part of China’s strategy and long-term goal to further open up China to the world economy and international trade, China has set up a “Free Trade Pilot Area” or FTPA in Shanghai.

The intent is to observe and learn from Shanghai’s experience for nationwide application later on in China.

According to Deloitte the focus will be on policy reforms rather than preferential treatment. This should result in trade, investment and financial liberalization.

Details of the rules are expected to be announced shortly with full implementation of those rules to be accomplished by the end of 2013.

Business Sectors Likely to Benefit from the FTPA

The FTPA will give wholly foreign-owned banks the opportunity to set up shop in China for the first time.

Two foreign banks (Citigroup and Development Bank of Singapore) and eight Chinese banks have received approval to open branches in the zone.

According to the Wall Street Journal banks in the zone are expected to have more freedom to set interest rates and Read more