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Standards For Prosecuting Tax Crimes And What They Mean For The Public

The government is not required to prosecute persons whom it believes has violated the law. Certainly, in the tax context, only a small percentage of people who are known or reasonably suspected to have committed a tax crime are investigated and prosecuted. Judgment calls abound – from the first discovery of information through prosecution.

Given the limited resources that can be applied to tax prosecutions, the government must be highly selective. The ability to “pick and choose” which cases it prosecutes is the reason why it has such a high conviction rate. The message from Uncle Sam to taxpayers is this: “Sure, we don’t prosecute all tax cheats, but if we get you in our prosecution cross-hairs, you are dead.” Read more

Roman Kepczyk’s Annual Review of CES

Annually, I anticipate Roman’s update on the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. Interesting facts: The show has a 45-year history, 3,300 vendors, 150,000 attendees and the total aisle length is 23 miles.

This year Roman’s update made the front page of The CPA Practice Advisor.  You can follow the link to read the entire article.  I guess I should say you MUST read the entire article if you are actively working inside a CPA firm.

Some highlights:

•  Multiple Screens – The size and clarity of display monitors continues to improve dramatically, which will lower the cost of big displays for your home and your office.

•  Second Screen Concept – Most consumers are finding that having a tablet or smartphone available when viewing TV programming is a valuable “second screen” and they can use it to find out more about a story or event that is happening on television.

•  Flexible Screen – The coolest gadget Roman witnessed.

•  Boosted Cameras – Two of the most interesting deices, on the personal front, were cameras.

•  Plus, more – read about mobile internet bandwidth optimization, WiFi scanning and Natural User Interface

Roman H. Kepczyk, CPA, CITP is Director of Consulting for Xcentric, LLC.