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They Could Have Used A Captive Insurance Company: Blue Bell Ice Cream

Blue Bell is often referred to as Texas’ ice cream. It is sold in many restaurants and is prominently displayed in most local grocery stores. Blue Bell has also suffered from several product recalls over the past several years. Last year, they recalled a large amount of product due to a listeria contamination at their Brenham, Texas facility. And now there is news of another recall.

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Am I A Candidate To Form A Captive Insurance Company?

In conjunction with the great people at TaxConnections, we’ve published a new eBook on captive insurance titled “Who Should Form a Captive Insurance Company?”. You can buy a copy HERE. Cost: $4.98.

One of the most frequent questions people ask about captives is simple: am I a candidate? There are several ways to answer this question. The first is to simply look at a company’s financials. Captives begin to become a viable proposition when gross revenue is at least $1 million. Another way to look at this is from a free cash flow perspective. I define free cash flow as net income plus depreciation. If this number has been at least $250,000 for the last few years, the company has adequate cash flow to consider forming a captive. Read more

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