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Tag Archive for California Taxpayers

So, Why Can’t We Use Excel For Tax Reporting?

Excel has been described as the most important business software application in use today.  It is convenient, inexpensive, easy to use, versatile and for all intents and purposes universally available on each office worker’s laptop.  However, this does not mean that every data manipulation task requires an Excel-shaped solution.  So, for Tax reporting and finance activities where does the suitability of Excel begin and where does it end?

Tax Reporting Solutions are Dead! 

A few years ago, while speaking to a respected colleague, he declared that “Tax Reporting solutions are dead!”.  When asked to explain he replied, “Excel can now handle a million rows!” Of course, he’s wrong about Tax Reporting, but after first wondering what version of Excel he’s been using it then became a case of wondering why he’s wrong. Read more

IRS Targeting California As Its Booming Economy Overtakes Brazil As The World’s Seventh Largest Economy

California is overtaking Brazil as the world’s seventh-largest economy, bolstered by rising employment, home values and personal and corporate income, a year after the U.S. most-populous state surpassed Russia and Italy. Brazil has a population five times bigger than California’s 38.3 million; yet the Golden State with GDP of $2.20 trillion in 2013, expanded last year by almost every measure. In contrast, Brazil’s GDP declined 1% from $2.25 trillion. California’s economy has sustained its momentum since 2013, when the value of goods and services produced in the state topped that of Russia and Italy to vault California to No. 8 in the world. California grew an average of 4.1% annually during the last three years. Who is next ahead of California in the No. 6 spot? United Kingdom with a GDP of $2.68 trillion. Read more