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How You As A Tax Professional Can Help Influence The Internet Sales Tax Law

As a Tax Professional, you have the opportunity to influence the Internet Sales Tax Law. While Congress is on track to pass a nationwide Internet Sales Tax, you can make a significant contribution to improve it before it becomes law! The Open Government Foundation has designed an innovative platform for making line-by-line suggestions for improvements in the internet sales tax law.

TechCrunch has created a version of the “Project Madison” crowdsourcing legislative platform that enables readers to add, delete and amend specific passages in the upcoming tax law. Suggestions by tax professionals will receive the attention of Congressional Staffers. TaxConnections in support of TechCrunch needs your help to make a difference in this law – NOW!

Senate Bill S.743, the “Marketplace Fairness Act of 2013,” passed the Senate with overwhelming support and is on to the House of Representatives. TechCrunch launched a news civic channel to source and promote the most insightful ideas to pass on to government. This is a real opportunity to improve the Internet Sales Tax Laws while it has left the Senate and is on its way to the House of Representatives.

Here is exactly what you need to do: Read more