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Learn How To Get To The Top of The Tax Profession Faster Than Your Tax Colleagues

“The Best Tax Webinar of The Year” on Thursday, October 9th at 9:00AM (California).

There are a Limited Number of Seats. Register Now And Receive Two Valuable Gifts!

We noticed several tax professionals attended this webinar twice because they were thrilled with the information we shared during this presentation. We gave you a lot of secrets throughout the webinar and each of our attendees took away two gifts worth $997 and they are now enjoying all the benefits. We really appreciated so many of you came back for more and want to ask you all to send this invitation to a tax colleague so they Read more

Thank You All For The Overwhelming Response To “The Best Tax Webinar of The Year”

There are not enough words to express our gratitude for those of you who sent emails and made calls to us after the training webinar titled “The Best Tax Webinar of The Year.” We opened up your eyes about the importance of gaining credibility, trust and authority for your tax expertise by getting featured in the media. Your tax reputation is built by executing a very deliberate plan to establish you as an authority in the eyes of the media.

Many of you requested more information about positioning yourself as a Media-Recognized Tax Professional. Getting featured in media powerhouses like ABC, NBC, FOX and CBS is the wisest investment you can make in yourself. Our encore presentation held yesterday afternoon pulled the curtain back on how any tax professional can leverage media exposure to position themselves as the “go-to” expert. Read more