In a speech last week ATO’s Mark Konza, Deputy Commissioner – International, gave an insight into the ATO’s activities in responding to a number of the OECD’s post Cairns G20 Minister’s Conference BEPS Action Plan items.

Deputy Commissioner Konza put particular emphasis on the ATO’s strategy in connection with “Action Item 1: address the tax challenges of the digital economy”. Commenting on the ATO’s work on this aspect he said-

“The broader digital economy is also being addressed through our four-year dedicated compliance program to address International Structuring and Profit Shifting (ISAPS). Tax and law professionals from external firms have been recruited into the ATO to help Read More

The news headlines that many multinational companies (MNCs) have been reducing their income tax burden through shifting of income to no- or low-tax countries have resulted in the OEC’s Action Plan on addressing Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (BEPS). The BEPS action plan is very aggressive and comprehensive.

Major countries including China, India and the US are actively involved in the BEPS project.

MNCs are challenged with getting ready for potential regulatory changes that may happen soon to impact their existing tax planning structures that they put in place a few years ago.

Major Goals of BEPS Read More