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A Tax Calendar: The Smartest First Step In Organizing All Corporate, Partnership And Individual Tax Filings Worldwide

Tax Calendar 2

As many CFOs call me to conduct private, high level searches for their tax organizations’, I am sharing a secret with them. Every CFO and VP Tax is going through an update of tax and accounting software or they are thinking about it. Recently, I had the pleasure of reviewing a Tax Calendar that is a masterpiece of software development for any corporation or tax services firm tracking every imaginable tax filing date nationally and internationally. After thinking about what this software developer created and then speaking to numerous CFOs and VPs Tax about all the challenges in updating of their technology, I realized how smart it would be to use this Tax Calendar to organize everything first.

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Learn Why Tax Professionals Love This Tax Calendar

Tax Calendar

It is simply one of the best tax software tours tax professionals will take this year. This Award Winning Tax Calendar offers an extraordinary value at $65.00 per license annually. Frankly, it is the very best value for any tax calendar on the market today.

Register for a tour and discover for yourself what this tax calendar offers large, medium and small corporate tax organizations; and hundreds of clients of your tax firm. It is all securely stored in the cloud or you can store it in your own; the choice is always yours.

TaxConnections is in the process of reviewing over 1700 software companies this year and are super impressed at the low cost and high value of the Akore Tax Calendar. Yes! It is impressive! This is organization at it’s best!

Register For A Tour That Is Simply Amazing.