Business Valuation, Growing Value And Liquidity Realization (Part XXII Of eBook Series)

Phase VI – Capital Markets Alternatives

Deal Ratings. All deals receive a score, which is aligned to how a financier assesses acceptable minimum scores to finance a deal. A properly prepared CMA scores all sources of capital pools under the same system to remove any subjectivity.

What a Score will look like:

Deal Ratings
Deal Ratings

If you have a B Grade Deal and are unwilling to take the necessary steps to upgrade to a higher score, then you should lower your expectations about completing a transaction, because there are fewer capital sources willing to accept B Grade Deals. Typically, if a B Grade Deal is accepted, the costs are much higher than an A Grade Deal. If your rating is below a B- Grade Deal and you’re not willing to do what is necessary to move up to at least a B- Grade, then it is highly unlikely you will complete your transaction.

Business Valuation Category
Business Valuation Category

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On November 2nd, the House of Representatives unveiled the first draft of the Trump Tax Reform Bill. Here we look at how it will affect expats.

Citizen Based Taxation and FATCA 

There is no mention in the draft Tax Reform Bill of any change to citizen based taxation for individuals, or of repealing FATCA.

It is proposed that corporations are only taxed on their US profits (rather than globally), as taxing corporations globally has (conversely to expectations) reduced government revenue, as globally operating firms have simply relocated to other countries with more favorable tax regimes.

Despite ACA (American Citizens Abroad) lobbying to make a similar change away from global taxation for expat individuals, there is no mention of this in the draft bill. Read More