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Acquisition And Disposal Of Immovable Property In Cyprus

It is a fact that purchasing and/or selling an Immovable Property entails a stressful procedure. This article briefly outlines the procedure an individual or a legal entity must follow when acquiring or disposing of an immovable property as well as the respective rights and obligations.

Purchase Of Immovable Property In Cyprus

First Stage:

When deciding whether to purchase an immovable property, the prospective purchaser must ensure that proper due diligence will be made over the target property, in order to avoid any future complications and surprises. Firstly, it is important to verify whether the seller holds separate title deed of the immovable property or whether the immovable property is mortgaged. In cases where the immovable property is still under construction, it needs to be verified that the appropriate building and planning permits exist.

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Companies Looking To Be Acquired: Why Worry About Sales Tax?

Monika Miles

Although it may not seem like sales tax has much to do with mergers and acquisitions, the truth is, many deals have fallen apart because of multistate sales tax issues. Controllers and CFOs who have seen the process first-hand know how messy the acquisition process can be – particularly if the target company’s multistate tax issues (especially sales taxes) haven’t been addressed.

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