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Tag Archive for Accounts Receivable

Canadian Tax Help – Protecting Your Company: Key Reports

Grant Gilmour, Canada, CPA

What reports should you be reviewing regularly to identify irregularities?

Whether you work in the company daily or manage from afar, there are key reports you should be reviewing regularly to stay informed and detect possible fraud.

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Canadian Tax Help – How Does Accounts Receivable Affect Profitability?

How do past due invoices impact my company’s profitability?

Although Accounts Receivable (AR) is considered an asset, having slow turnover of receivables can negatively affect your company’s bottom line.

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Canadian Tax Help – Accounts Receivable On A Balance Sheet

Grant Gilmour

This post deal with “Accounts Receivable” on a Balance Sheet. The Accounts Receivable category appears under Current Assets on a Balance Sheet as it is expected that amounts outstanding will be collected within one year. It represents funds that a company has a right to receive because it has provided customers with goods and services.

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Common And Costly Bookkeeping Mistakes

Grant Gilmour

Tax Question


What are common and costly mistakes made in corporate bookkeeping during the year and how can these be avoided?

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