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Tax Professionals Step Into The Future

Behind the scenes at TaxConnections, we are witness to many exciting breakthroughs effecting a tax professionals future! We are now experiencing changes that are shifting the futures of tax professionals right before our eyes. The most obvious change comes from our ability to drive new business to the tax professionals who have ventured to the TaxConnections site. From our members own words to your eyes you can see what happens.  See TaxConnections Member Testimonials. TaxConnections is shaping the futures of tax professionals and those that need their expertise.

This morning I picked up a phone call to help a tax professional in New York get on our site, our conversation turned from a help call to a lot of questions regarding what we are doing for tax professionals and ended in an Investor call. That was a surprise to both of us! More Read more

The Smartest Decision Tax Professionals Make In Marketing Tax Services – Going Native!

Earlier this year, our management team went to a fantastic conference on how to drive traffic. World class experts taught us quite a bit about driving high traffic! We spent thousands of dollars to learn these techniques, and now we want to turn around and share them with you. If you want more business, if you want to be approached about more tax jobs, if you want to build a great tax reputation, listen to what we teach you at TaxConnections. You must take action though as the changes are coming fast; you must move quickly to adapt or you will be left behind. What I am about to explain to you today is one of the techniques we learned at the conference that drives more traffic to your tax services and tax reputation – the native way.

The traffic experts taught us about banner blindness which basically means people are Read more

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