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States Are Auditing Small And Medium-Sized Businesses: Best Strategies To Protect Your Business

Virtual Tax Summit Free Ticket

On Friday, November 12, 2021, TaxConnections Virtual Tax Summit provides you with a Complimentary VIP Ticket to attend. Speakers presenting in Session #4 are James Edington, Managing Director and Tracy Hargrove, Director Practice Development at DuCharme, Millen And Associates.

As many small and medium-sized businesses register with new states as a result of economic nexus, it will be important to understand how best to prepare for and protect your business from difficult audits and looming sales tax assessments.  This will be a discussion of various trends observed by taxpayers across many states and the environment we’re in now that many states have emptied their coffers due to COVID-related relief.  This session will cover audit-relevant topics such as exemption certificate management, audit-ready data and what to look out for when new taxing authorities initiate an audit.


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