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Secret Strategies Driving New Business To Tax Professionals

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As an internationally known expert in search for tax professionals, you will be way ahead of the market if you learn what I know about the challenges in finding tax professionals and tax expertise. Have you recently attempted to find someone online but are blocked by paywalls and organizations? The rules have changed folks and in order to create more opportunity and connectivity that results in new client acquisition or a new tax job you must do things that others are not doing.

Earl Nightingale (March 12, 1921 – March 25, 1989) was an American radio speaker and author, dealing mostly with the subjects of motivation and human character development. One of his quotes states:

“To achieve success, watch out what everyone else does and do the opposite. The majority is always wrong.”

This is so true today when we see so many people giving up their personal information but having no control if people are able to get through to them for business purposes. We worked to provide an important solution for tax professionals including CPAs, EAs, CFPs, JDs, MST, MBAs who wanted to attract more business opportunity to themselves and their tax careers. Our business model is simple in that we build a personal tax brand for you and we position and distribute your tax expertise in front of key decision-makers. We build brand for you on a known authority site. We have developed a secret sauce that drives our tax professional members to get noticed by the clients searching for their tax expertise.

 3 Secrets To Driving New Tax Business And Tax Opportunities

  1. Right now you may not realize you are actually being blocked from new clients and tax jobs reaching you. You must make it easy for people to connect with you in order to increase the number of tax opportunities that make their way to you! It is smart business spending .82 a day to ensure more than 3B people can connect with you from around the globe for free through .
  2. The majority of online Professional Profiles need a major makeover. The stars have a makeover team, you should also have a makeover team to consult with that ensures your online presence is the best it can be and attracts others to you. It is vitally important to your career and to have an expert help you build up your reputation online. We provide you with advice and counsel and templates that show you exactly what to do to improve your online professional presence.
  3. TaxConnections Membership ensures you are represented professionally, builds a valuable online presence for you; takes you to the top pages of the search engines when you follow our instructions; ensures more clients and tax opportunities reach you directly; provides a steady stream of prospective clients; and ensures you are building a reputation in front of key decision-makers throughout the world.

TaxConnections tax professionals have acquired valuable new clients, in fact, some of the very best clients of their entire tax careers. Listen to us and we will take you to the top of the tax profession and overcome a mountain of obstacles standing in the way of your success this year. We are very aware of what is preventing clients and opportunities from reaching you today. We will share our secrets and strategies with you.

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