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Remote Tax Jobs – 1000+ Coming Through TaxConnections

Kat Jennings - Remote Tax Jobs

TaxConnections has received calls from multinational corporations, public accounting firms and services firms all over the world to discuss their need for experienced tax professionals. Organizations are changing and so are the needs of tax professionals themselves. Why is the desire to work remotely growing? What are the benefits for organizations that employ remote tax experts? Who is searching to hire a tax professional to work remote?

About two years ago, I received a call from a firm who wanted to hire more than one thousand tax professionals during tax season. They wanted a remote tax workforce and they were searching our site to find experienced tax professionals with a wide range of skills and knowledge. We thought it was wonderful for TaxConnections Members. When I followed up with several tax professionals who worked for them through a busy season, it was then that I realized they paid them by the number of clients they worked with that season. It was a good start for tax professionals who were building new client relationships.

On another occasion, I received a call from an organization who was building a global remote tax practice. They have plenty of work to give remote employees and they pay them by the number of returns they prepare for the firm. They can work when they want and where they want anywhere in the world. Their practice has grown in over 5 countries globally and they love the fact they can simply reach out to our tax professional members as a remote workforce.

We also have private equity firms who come to us with full time lead tax roles and they often welcome remote tax experts who will fly in and meet with the Partners once a month or quarter. These works very well for these private equity firms buying, selling and growing companies worldwide. There are also corporate tax organizations hiring technology consultants to work on implementations of tax software. These folks come in from time or time or just jump on a video call with the tax executive who hires them for the job. Many  of these tax roles are outsourced and more are on the horizon to be remote tax roles for tax professionals adept at technology.

In my opinion, the very best people for remote roles are experienced tax professionals over newbies learning the trade. Experienced tax professionals require no hand-holding, little direction or training, they enjoy tax work, they are loyal and stay longer. They are focused on doing a good job for their company. They are the best hires when they meet the tax deadlines and responsibilities for the company. Bottom line, they are a trained, experienced and mature remote tax workforce you can rely on given a long track record of references and successes. They do not take up expensive office space either so there are many facets to the benefits of a remote tax workforce.

With the growth of offshore tax compliance teams in India, and the innovations of tax technology, many new hires have not met today’s demand for highly trained tax professionals.  The firms who did hire new trainees have experienced some of the highest turnover rates I have seen in years.  Guess what three to five tax professionals are saying these days? They are telling us they do not want to work eighty hours a week in a tax role. However, the baby boomers are accustomed to the grind! We know firms who have looked for tax professionals with five to ten years of experience for three years and there is no one to fill their roles. The result is  that more organizations outsourcing this work to an experienced remote tax workforce who enjoys working from home.

In case you missed this message that went out this week here it is for your benefit:

Dear Friends,

TaxConnections is searching for experienced tax professionals who desire to work remotely. If you know of any tax professional interested in a remote tax role, we would appreciate your forwarding this message on to them. Due to the large number of roles to fill during the fourth quarter 2019, we ask those interested to post their professional qualifications on TaxConnections as soon as possible.

We advise any tax professional interested in remote tax opportunities get listed in TaxConnections Worldwide Directory of Tax Professionals at this link. We also ask that you place in your TaxConnections Professional Summary Profile the words “Remote Availability”.

These roles are ideal for experienced tax professionals who can serve in an advisory role to these firms. Many of the roles cover corporate, partnership and high net worth tax compliance, review and planning. Tax Consultants with tax and technology expertise will also be in high demand so make a statement about your knowledge of tax software, if you have this experience.

In addition, we are now building private offices for our 1000+ remote tax workforce. Once completed, this special feature will list all full-time and part-time consulting tax jobs we identify worldwide. Remote jobs are emerging everywhere, so in the meantime let it be known you are interested in them on TaxConnections! We place our members in front of a steady stream of clients weekly to draw new business to tax professionals and consultants worldwide. Our site gets you noticed so include the phrase on your Professional Summary “Remote Available”.

Start By Getting Listed In TaxConnections

All the best,

Kat Jennings, CEO


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