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How To Set Up A Virtual Mailbox


As as majority of tax professionals and taxpayers are now working from home, there is a lot more interest in protecting themselves from unwanted visitors to their private residence. What more people are doing to increase privacy is setting up a virtual mailbox. How do you set one up?

How To Set Up A Virtual Mailbox

  1. Set up your mailing address with a commercial mail receiving agency. There are many out there but we found the cheapest and most reliable to be Traveling Mail.
  2. Remove your personal home address from everything, including all your bills, state filings if you have a company, trusts and estate, vehicles, bank statements, cable and internet bills, etc.
  3.  Your mail will be opened and scanned and sent to you via email. They send you a copy of the outside of the envelope and you tell them to open, scan and email it to you or discard.
  4.  Privacy and security is more important than ever so the ability to have your mail sent to commercial mail agency makes more sense than ever before.

Set Up A Virtual Mailbox Today At This Link

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