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Practice Ignition – Free Trial – Grow Your Accounting Business Exponentially!

Practice Ignition is tax software that allows you to create intelligent proposals that automate your practice and build client relationships. This software was built by accountants for accountants. By using Practice Ignition, you are able to manage client relationships, automate your back-office processes, cut admin, and scale your practice. Given its friendly user interface, using this software is a walk in the park.

Here are some of the features of Practice Ignition that you might find handy.


Quickly create proposals with automatically generated engagement letters. What used to take hours now takes a few minutes.

Create in real time – Create a fully branded and standardized proposal and engagement letter in the meeting.

Engagements linked to proposals – Your engagement letters will always be kept up to date as they are automatically generated from your proposals.

Full pricing control – Fixed fees, agreed fees, value based pricing or estimates for time/cost – however you bill, you can build it in practice Ignition.

Feedback – Public and private comments are displayed on the proposal for a complete audit trail.

Tracking – Track opens of proposals, comments and the status of your proposals as leads become clients.

Templates – Create multiple engagement templates using smart tags to personalize the engagement experience for each type of client your practice engages.

Proposal Management

Avoid scope creep and stay compliant with proposal updates throughout the life of your clients engagements.

Track progress – Your jobs and invoices will be tracked against the proposal for the life of the proposal.

Edit accepted proposals – Edit proposals when your client scope changes, with an updated audit trail and links back to your original proposal chain.

Rollovers – Quickly and easily rollover (re-engage) your clients based on their previous service offering. Review, tailor and up-sell services more frequently.

Bill on completion – Provide your clients with an estimate and once the work is done update and invoice the final amount within Practice Ignition. Perfect for practices using time/cost billing.

Invoice schedule – Customize the way you want to bill your clients. Split the total value 50/50 upfront and on-completion or offer the first 3 months free.

Sales tax – Create, edit and customize your tax on your proposals. VAT, GST, HST, whatever it is, you can build the proposal with the tax component you need.


Accept bank transfers and credit card payments with Practice Ignition completely removing the admin associated with payments.

Tied to your proposals – When the clients proposal changes their payment plan changes. Everything is tied to the proposal and it’s all automatic.

Reconciliations – Connect your accounting system and we will take care of the rest by reconciling banked payments.

Notifications – Receive notifications for failed or rejected payments. Check the status, update and retry payments easily from within Practice Ignition.

Required Payments – You’re in control. Make payments required as part of your proposal acceptance process or give your clients the option.

Client Management

Full lifecycle lead management. See and track the proposal state, email opens, total value and acceptance details at a glance.

Leads – Manage your lead life cycle with Practice Ignition, all client without an accepted proposal are flagged as “leads”.

Import + Manage – Import existing leads directly or from CSV. Manage your client list in sync with a connected 3rd-party applications.

Web connector – Increase your signups and client on-boarding by plugging your own custom branded web connector into your website.


Nurture your client relationships & consolidate communication.

Comments – Make comments directly within proposals for instance feedback. Discuss changes and amendments before acceptance and keep everyone up-to-date with progress.

Notifications – You and your clients receive email notifications on important events.

Success – Customize the proposal acceptance screen so clients can see the next steps and you can get the information you need to start the work.


See the activity for your firm, leads and conversion rates.

Conversions – See all your clients in one place for the practice. Track the successful new proposals, metrics on conversion rates, total dollar values.

Recent Activity – See new leads and track recent proposal that you’ve created, sent and have had accepted.


Keep your client contracts legally sound, up-to-date and compliant.

Digital Signatures – As your clients accept their proposals online we capture the digital signature and necessary information to confirm the acceptance.

Audit Trail – Professional indemnity insurance is usually bound by your client audit trail and scope of accepted services. Practice Ignition centralizes this and makes sure you stay compliant.

Standardize – Maintain a structured approach (no more MS Word) so everything for you and your clients is consistent. Standardized processes keeps your business running smoothly.


Practice Ignition is an amazing stand alone app but when combined with your existing back office tools, the days of admin are numbered.

Practice Management – Match service items to job templates and on acceptance, clients are created and all your jobs deployed, keep your ongoing jobs in sync with your engagement for any edits or cancellation.

Invoicing – Assign accounting codes to your service items and have clients created in your accounting solution and invoices created as you architect and constantly tied to your engagement for any changes.

Practice Ignition integrates with Xero, Quick Books, and Xero Practice Manager

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