Medicines Exempt From Alabama Sales And Use Tax

Aaron Giles

The state of Alabama is relatively limited when it comes to providing sales and use tax exemptions for medical purchases made by hospitals and health care facilities. However, there is an Alabama sales and use tax exemption available for medicines and other substances consumed by the body.

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Breaking Down The President’s Tax Plan

Lisa Nason, Trump Tax Plan

Many of you have heard that President Donald Trump has proposed changes to the tax laws, some of which includes lowering the rates paid by businesses. Here are a few of the highlight’s of the proposed plan: Read More

Eight Tax Questions To Ask Before You Get Married

When two people fall in love, they tend to be blind to life’s realities. The last thing they want to do is bring up issues that might generate conflict, and let’s face it, the topic of taxes is definitely turbulent.

Ask these tough tax questions before you get married – to avoid an inevitable divorce.

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Hale Stewart’s Webinar On Tax Treaties – May 23, 2017

Hale Stewart

Today, more and more companies’ and individuals’ tax matters cross borders. These multi-jurisdictional transactions and structures are typically governed by tax treaties. Although there are three basic model treaties (the OECDs, the US’ and the UNs), each uses many of the same concepts.

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Claiming Mileage On Taxes For Drivers


There’s been an explosion of on-demand apps that deliver food straight to your doorstep. Of course, this is a well-worn tradition for pizza restaurants. Can the pizza delivery drivers and on-demand food deliverers claim their mileage on taxes?

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BREXIT Becomes A Disaster For UK With Loss Of Financial Jobs

William Byrnes

Many of the big banks, investment funds, and large insurance companies have announced that hundreds to thousands of employees are being relocated to group members European Union countries. The UK financial industry is on track to lose within two years much more than the previously forecast 75,000 direct high paying financial services jobs and with those will go the back office support and compliance jobs attached.

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Canadian Tax Help – Protecting Your Company: Key Reports

Grant Gilmour, Canada, CPA

What reports should you be reviewing regularly to identify irregularities?

Whether you work in the company daily or manage from afar, there are key reports you should be reviewing regularly to stay informed and detect possible fraud.

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Tax Directors – Want An Exciting Career Change?

Kat Jennings

TaxConnections has developed innovative technology in bringing Virtual Tax Offices into the profession. We are searching for bright Tax Partners/Tax Directors who want to leave public accounting, a law firm or corporation to leverage their career equity. We have worked tirelessly to build a media platform to drive new business to tax professionals at TaxConnections.

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Predicting Which Tax Proposals Become Law

Ron Marini

According to a recent Wells Fargo Monthly Economic Outlook, they have incorporated a set of fiscal policy assumptions based on what we think is the most likely outcome based on policy proposals from President Trump and senior congressional leaders.

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Establishing Same Country Exemption Through Legislation

John Richardson

The Maloney Approach

This is a continuation from a previous article, FATCA’s Same Country Exemption Won’t Work.

On April 25, 2017 Congresswoman Maloney introduced H.R. 2136: “To amend the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 to provide an exception from certain reporting requirements with respect to the foreign accounts of individuals who live abroad.”

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Compensation For Corporate Tax Executives Webinar – May 12

Kat Jennings

You are cordially invited to an educational webinar on Compensation For Corporate Tax Executives. After spending a great deal of time surveying tax executives on compensation, I am confident the information delivered during this webinar will be valuable to you.  We released a report on Lead Tax Executive Compensation earlier this year at a cost of $2500 per report, this presentation will provide an overview and understanding of tax executive compensation we researched and published.

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Spring Cleaning? Can You Toss Those Tax Records?

Manasa Nadig

Ever stare at boxes and boxes of files in your garage or your basement and get an itch to clean up? Or are you the sort who pushes these boxes out of sight and is quite happy to let them be? Whichever personality best describes you, you will want to read this before you decide to throw those papers or cover them up with something fancy, call it art and make it a fixture in your basement!

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