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6 thoughts on “Moving To Ireland?

  1. Cait Reynolds says:

    Could you please let me know if my son is liable for usc on money earned in Australia which he spent in Australia. He told the Revenue that he worked for 6 months in Australia and they are taking the amount earned off his tax credits for this year. He brought no money in to the country just spent all his earnings on holidays.Is this right.

  2. Dear Cait

    Many thanks for your email.

    In order to answer your question it is essential to provide me with the following information:

    1. In what year did your son work in Australia?
    2. Was he employed or self employed in Australia?
    3. Was he considered to be Irish resident and/or ordinarily resident in Ireland in the tax year he worked in Australia?
    4. Did he work in Australia as part of a secondment or assignment?
    5. Does your son have an Irish domicile?
    6. Which Revenue Authorities are your referring to in your query? The Irish or Australian Revenue Authorities?
    7. With regard to your comment “he brought no money into the country just spent all his earnings on holidays” please clarify what you mean.
    8. Is your son still in Australia?
    9. If not, did he return to Ireland after his six months working in Australia?
    10. Did your son work in Ireland prior to moving to Australia?
    11. If so, was he employed or self employed?

    I look forward to your reply.

    Kind Regards
    Claire McNamara

  3. Gavan Ward says:

    Hi Claire,
    I’m moving back to Ireland from the UK, I start a new job in Cork in April. I have a company here in the UK (with a business partner) and I have £50,000 in the company. My business partner is currently working through the company until the end of June. We then plan on winding up the company and taking out our respective monies. In the UK you can avail of a tax break under the Entrepreneurs Relief scheme in which you pay 10% tax on the money in the company. I will therefore have to pay £5,000 in tax on my £50,000.
    However, if I am living and working in Ireland at the time what will my tax liability be? Will I have to pay tax on this money in Ireland and if so how much?
    I’m wondering if moving home will end up costing me money!

    • Dear Gavan

      Many thanks for your email.

      The Irish tax rules are very different to those in the UK.

      In order to answer your query, it is necessary for you to provide answers to the following questions:

      1. What is the country of residence of your company?
      2. Where are the directors resident and domiciled?
      3. Are you commencing your employment in Cork through your limited company or as a PAYE employee/individual?
      4. Where will the duties of your employment be carried out?
      5. What is your shareholding in your limited company?
      6. Do you intend remitting the proceeds from your liquidation into Ireland?
      7. How long do you plan on staying in Ireland?
      8. How long have you resided in the UK?

      Best Regards
      Claire McNamara

  4. Gavan

    Further to your query, the tax laws are very different to those in the UK.

    In order to advise you correctly, please answer the following questions:

    1. What is the tax residence of the Directors?
    2. Where and when was the company incorporated?
    3. Where are you domiciled?
    4. What is your shareholding in this company?
    5. Do you intend working for the business in Cork through your company or as an employee/individual?
    6. In what year did you become UK resident?
    7. What exactly does the £50,000 relate to?
    8. How long do you plan on staying in Ireland and from what date?

    Best Regards
    Claire McNamars

  5. Dee says:

    Hi Claire,
    I having been living in the UK for over 20 years. my husband and I are selling our home to move back to Ireland with our family. Do we have to pay tax on the money we bring to Ireland with us? Should we set up all our bank account before we get there?

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