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Massachusetts Takes A New Approach To Sales Tax Deadlines

Massachusetts Takes A New Approach To Sales Tax Deadlines

Beginning on May 1st, the due date for sales and use tax returns for the state of Massachusetts changed from the 20th to the 30th day of the month.  For example, a return for the period beginning on April 1, 2021, will now be due on May 30th, instead of May 20th.  This applies to monthly, quarterly, and annual filers.

Since there are only 28 days in February, the 30-day deadline pushes the due date for January returns into March, contrary to the approach of most other states. In standard years, returns will be due on March 2nd. During leap years, returns will be due on March 1st.  For the rest of the months, if the 30th falls on a weekend or holiday, the return will be due the next business day.

The new due dates also apply to meals taxes, marijuana taxes, and room occupancy excise taxes.

Tips for the Taxpayer

Most states that levy sales and use taxes require businesses that are registered with that state to file a sales and use tax return even if no taxes have been accrued for the filing period. It is essential for businesses to know when their sales and use tax returns are due, so they are filed on a timely basis.  In addition to staying in compliance with state tax laws and taking advantage of timely filer discounts, business will avoid penalties and interest, which can be costly, and limit their exposure to audit inquiries.

Create and calendar to track your sales and use tax obligations on a monthly basis. For most businesses, a simple excel will be sufficient. Create your calendar at the beginning of the year and verify the dates on a monthly basis. Ensure the calendar notates the dates applicable for maximum vendor discounts in addition to final deadlines for filing.

Be sure to check your online filing portals or hard copy mail for notices on changes to due dates or filing frequency.

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