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Louisiana Aims To End The Madness Surrounding Their Sales Tax System With House Bill 199

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Louisiana is one of the few states with what is known in the sales tax industry as home rule jurisdictions.  In addition to a state sales tax that is levied and administered by the state, cities, counties and other local jurisdictions can levy and administer their own sales tax rates and rules.  This can create complications and confusion for businesses. Current legislation aims to simplify Louisiana’s sales tax system.

House Bill 199 is a constitutional amendment that would consolidate collections and administration of sales and use taxes at the state level under one entity called the State and Local Streamlined Sales and Use Tax Commission.  The bill passed in the House with a two-thirds majority and is pending Senate final passage as of May 7th.  The next step will be the ballot box.  If it receives a simple majority during the statewide election on November 8, 2022, it will be adopted into law.

Tips for the Taxpayer

Stay up to date with state, city, and county tax legislation.  Researching and sorting through various tax laws can be cumbersome. Utilizing a tax professional will allow you to focus on running your core business.

How Can We Help?

Allyn’s tax team is staffed with seasoned tax professionals experienced in all aspects of Federal, multi-state, and local tax compliance and consulting for large US and global corporations.  Allyn tax professionals are well-versed in technical sales tax regulations, procedures, and practices. We use that experience to your advantage by finding sales tax discounts and passing them on to our clients.  Our team will ensure that you are in complete compliance with state and local tax law while reducing your tax liability to your fair share and nothing more. Our team files sales tax returns in every state in the US.

It is very simple and easy for a company to engage Allyn in sales and use tax consulting. Just reach out to us, and we will only require minimal data from you to get us started. We minimize the time that you will spend on sales tax issues while we focus on the details and keep you apprised of the progress and findings. Further, we do it all with our recognized dedication to customer service.

Have a question? Contact Jordan Perri, Allyn International.

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