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Looking For Remote Tax Opportunities? Interested In Attracting New Tax Clients? Get Listed On TaxConnections

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One of the many positive influences of the platform is our ability to connect our members with employers who want to hire remote tax professionals. Organizations enjoy the ease of connecting with a wide range of tax experts on TaxConnections. The issue has always been connectivity and this is precisely why we make it easy for everyone to locate the tax expertise and skills they require for a wide range of roles.

TaxConnections is a marketplace of leading tax experts and tax technology. We welcome the opportunity to introduce tax experts with a range range of tax expertise nationally and internationally. Our tax professional members receive higher visibility because we spend considerable time direct messaging executives in large, medium and small businesses worldwide to draw attention to them. Yes, TaxConnections actively promotes its members to high end business executives all over the world. Our goal is driving more business clients and opportunities to you; and our goal is building a higher level of trust in your tax expertise.

Join Us And We Will Position Your Tax Reputation In Front Of People And Organizations Searching For Your Tax Expertise Worldwide.



TaxConnections is where to find leading tax experts and technology around the world. Discover tax professionals who offer you a wide range of tax expertise and be informed about the technology that supports them in operating efficiently and successfully.

Where you will discover Virtual Offices for the tax and legal community.

Kat Jennings, CEO