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Looking For A Tax Job? Give Yourself A Valuable Advantage

Looking For A Tax Job? Give Yourself A Valuable Advantage

TaxConnections will help anyone currently looking for a tax job get noticed by key hiring decision-makers. Several calls have come to us from hiring authorities about the adjustments  they have had to make in their tax organizations during this pandemic. However, what we are now experiencing is a Who’s Who of accounting firms and corporate organizations coming to TaxConnections to find tax expertise for their organization. The post is focused on being the lifeline for tax professionals currently unemployed and searching for a tax job in today’s market.

You must position your tax expertise in front of an audience looking for tax expertise. You must make it easy for hiring authorities to find you. You must understand that it is easier for hiring authorities to find you on professional branding and marketing platform.

Why is it easier for hiring executives to find you on TaxConnections?

The answer is simple: TaxConnections enables everyone to find, connect with you and message you for free on the platform. This makes a HUGE DIFFERENCE in your connectivity with hiring authorities online.

Working collectively together as an authority site for tax expertise, we are watching our tax professional members rise to the top of the search engines. If you are relying on “walled garden” sites to promote you outside of their networks this is not how they work. Walled garden sites keep you within their network and do not share your information outside of their network. TaxConnections is an “open garden” that makes your information available everywhere. As a tax professional you have options where you promote your tax expertise and brand.

As our way of helping every tax professional searching for a  tax job, we offer two options:

  1. Market Yourself – Special Tax Professional Membership ($30 Annual Budget Membership)
  2. Market Yourself – Premium Tax Professional Membership($299.95 Annual Subscription)

Premium Tax Professional Membership offers complimentary career consultation with TaxConnections CEO and internationally recognized tax executive search expert, Kat Jennings.

TaxConnections Admin

TaxConnections Admin

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