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Liens and Levies: Keeping Your Clients Options Open – Part 1

Today we will be looking at the IRS Lien and Levy programs as a part of the Collection Division. We will learn about the very strict time tables involved, how to get a lien or levy removed, withdrawn, or subordinated and how to help our clients get things back in their control.

1. The enforcement process.
2. When does the IRS institute a lien?
3. When is a levy issued?
4. Collection Appeal Program (CAP)
5. Collection Due Process (CDP)
6. What can the taxpayer do to release a lien/levy?
7. Other payment options does the taxpayer have?

We will start out with some definitions that will help you throughout this blog series:

Lien: A lien is a claim on the value of a piece of property for the satisfaction of a debt. A lien does not actually take the taxpayer’s property.

Levy: A levy is the legal taking of property held by third parties (i.e. bank accounts, brokerage, wage garnishments, etc) in satisfaction of a debt. This normally occurs after a lien, but not in jeopardy situations.

Seizure: The legal taking of a taxpayers property that is in his control in satisfaction of a debt.

ASED: Assessment Statute Expiration Date, the last date a tax assessment can be made against a taxpayer.

CSED: Collections Statute Expiration Date, the last date collections action can be taken on a debt owed by the taxpayer.

Collections Due Process (CDP): A hearing the taxpayer may request during collections procedures.

Collection Appeals Program (CAP): A separate appeal process available to the taxpayer during enforced collections.

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