Learn Why Tax Professionals Love This Tax Calendar

Jaws dropped recently when we reviewed the Akore Tax Calendar! We invited tax professionals to join us in order to see what you receive for a $65.00 annual subscription Tax Calendar.  We were all  impressed and recommend you register for a complimentary tour.

AKORE® Tax Calendar™ Software has been designed and engineered by tax professionals working with software technology experts with one common goal… to fully automate the antiquated tax calendar spreadsheet process that was being used by a vast majority of corporations and accounting firms; and design a comprehensive advanced tax calendar software solution that is also cost effective.

Tax professionals have experienced the day to day management of hundreds of return due date deadlines with multiple filing entities and the complex spreadsheets that needed to be updated each and every month and distributed to their analyst to work. This Tax Calendar software replaces the cumbersome spreadsheet processes with leading edge advanced tax calendar technology to prevent you from ever inadvertently missing any tax return due date deadline.

This Tax Calendar has been developed as a turn-key solution for corporate tax departments to calculate tax return due dates based on integrated EOM & weekend rules so tax professionals can track, record, capture, store documents, monitor, communicate and report on their corporate tax obligations using one centralized tax calendar database solution.

We know you will love it so register for a complimentary tour.

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