IRS Commissioner, Top Officials And Organization Chart

IRS - Organization Chart And Officials

 IRS Commissioner, Top Officials And Organization Chart

Specialized IRS units report directly to the Commissioner’s office. The IRS Chief Counsel also reports to the Treasury General Counsel on certain matters.

  • CommissionerInternal Revenue — Charles P. Rettig
  • Chief of Staff — Lia Colbert
  • IRS Chief Counsel — Vacant
  • Taxpayer Advocate Service — Nina E. Olson, National Taxpayer Advocate
  • Appeals — Donna Hansberry, Chief
  • Communications and Liaison — Terry Lemons, Chief

Deputy Commissioner for Services and Enforcement

The Deputy Commissioner reports directly to the Commissioner and oversees the four primary operating divisions and other service and enforcement functions:

  • Deputy Commissioner for Services and Enforcement — Kirsten Wielobob
  • Wage and Investment Division — Ken Corbin, Commissioner
  • Large Business and International Division — Douglas O’Donnell, Commissioner
  • Small Business/Self Employed Division — Mary Beth Murphy, Commissioner
  • Tax Exempt and Government Entities Division — David Horton, Acting Commissioner
  • Criminal Investigation — Don Fort, Chief
  • Return Preparer Office — Carol Campbell, Director
  • Office of Professional Responsibility — Stephen A. Whitlock, Director
  • Office of Online Services — Michèle L. Causey, Acting Director
  • Whistleblower Office — Lee Martin, Director

Deputy Commissioner for Operations Support

The Deputy Commissioner reports directly to the Commissioner and oversees the integrated IRS support functions:

  • Deputy Commissioner for Operations Support — Jeff Tribiano
  • Chief Information Officer — Gina Garza
  • Chief Facilities Management and Security Service — Richard Rodriguez
  • Chief Research and Analytics Officer — Ben Herndon
  • Equity, Diversity and Inclusion — Elita Christiansen, Executive Director
  • Chief Human Capital Officer — Robin D. Bailey, Jr
  • Chief Financial Officer — Ursula Gillis
  • Chief Privacy Officer — Edward Killen
  • Chief Procurement Officer — H. Harrison Smith, Acting
  • Chief Risk Officer — Thomas Brandt

Organization Chart

See the basic structure of today’s IRS in this picture of the IRS Organization Chart.


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