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How To Address Members Of The United States Congress On Tax Policy

How To Address Congress On Tax Policy

The First Amendment to the United States Constitution guarantees the right of all citizens to communicate with their elected representatives. Congress is comprised of the Senate and the House of Representatives. Although Members of both Houses are technically Congressmen/Congresswomen, in the public minds the word Congressmen identifies Members of the House of Representatives. However, when you refer to individual members use Congressman (Name) and Congresswoman (Name).

You may address both current and former Congressmen as Mr./Ms./Mrs./Dr. (Name) which is the same way the House of Representatives formally address each other. It is very important to make certain you are sending your message to the right person representing you in your district. The best way to do this is go to and type in your zipcode. Once you have identified the Representative in the United States Congress for your district we will show you how to address them properly in writing.

Now that you are prepared to write a letter to your Representative, it is very helpful if you make your point clearly and succinctly when communicating with them. We have provided a Template for you to follow.

Template To To Address Members Of The United States Congress

The Honorable (First Name) (Last Name)
Office Address
United States House of Representatives/United State Senate
City, State, Zip

Dear Representative/Senator ______________ :

As a [i.e. Tax Advisor/ Taxpayer ] and a constituent, I urge you to…

 • Make your point

 • Make your point

 • Make your point

Close with a strong statement on how this will benefit others by action on their part…


Your Name
Your Title
Your Address
Your City, State, Zip
Your Phone Number

TaxConnections welcomes letters you have written to a Senator or Representative regarding tax policy. Send yours and we will post them for wider distribution on our network.

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