Good News For Corporate Tax Departments! Enterprise 720 Quarterly Excise Tax E-File Now Available

Great News For Corporate Tax Departments: Enterprise 720 Quarterly Excise Tax E-File Now Available

Don’t wait until the IRS mandates e-file for forms 720 and 8849. Act now to stay ahead of the game.

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Still, filing your Excise Tax Returns through paper? It’s time to switch to digital e-filing and eliminate paper returns. The IRS offers an e-filing option for excise tax forms 720 and 8849, and only Akore Federal Excise Tax E-File Software has the enterprise-level solution.

TaxConnections is excited to introduce AKORE Federal Tax Software by Richard Carrier (CEO):

  • IRS Authorized: Akore is the only e-file Provider with enterprise-level security for excise tax e-filing.
  • Top-rated Security: Backed by an AKORE Trust Document, ensuring critical security checks and reliability.
  • e-File 2024 Q3 and Q4: Get e-File ready now with introductory pricing through 12/31/24.

Flexible E-filing Solutions: Akore Federal provides an e-filing service tailored for everyone—individual tax experts, CPA firms handling hundreds of returns, and large corporate filers. No matter the volume, Akore has you covered.

Join the expanding number of companies utilizing Akore’s Federal e-Filing service to not only expedite your refunds and streamline your tax processes, but also to experience the peace of mind that comes with choosing certified, secure excise tax software. Akore’s existing clients are primarily large enterprises that demand professional support and trusted security certification.

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