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New Virtual Training Accelerates Three Years Of Tax Training To 6 Hours

Five Years Tax Training In Two Weeks

Over the coming weeks, I will share with you one of the new technologies arriving to the tax profession. Why is this important now? One of the biggest problems professionals have right now is keeping pace with increasing complexity in business. Our species did not evolve to reinvent ourselves every one or two years. The rehearsal approach has been proven to harness our neuroplasticity to greatly accelerated learning, providing a means for everyone to adapt and remain relevant. For example, in a study conducted last year with hundreds of people worldwide, we found statistically significant learning normally shown to occur in three years occurring in 6 hours, regardless of culture. This result indicates our technology may be a way for people to develop game-changing capabilities very quickly and – most important – remain relevant.

What scientific research has discovered is managers have a theory of their business or a mental model that may not be a good fit with what is actually happening. Further, business leaders don’t always have insight into opportunities they actually have, given market forces and the strengths they have to leverage. There are numerous examples of “failed” businesses that actually had huge opportunities if managers had been capable of seeing them, such as Kodak, Woolworth, Pan Am, Research in Motion. We found a way to identify the right goals and then change the mental models of executives. In short, the rehearsals very quickly get teams back on track by creating ways to rehearse the future repeatedly until they are successful with specific goals and with finding hidden opportunities.

We have come full circle with the development of virtual worlds that are cloud based and multi-player. Human beings used to learn only through experience for more than 100,000 years; it’s part of our DNA. Virtual worlds now offer the means to do that again, only this time without risk to actual companies or people. However, the principle is the same. When properly designed as “smart places”, virtual worlds are experienced much more like real life and much less like a computer than anything else we have seen used for education or business improvement.

If you are responsible for training large groups of people in tax, you will be very interested in our technology that is guaranteed to reduce three years of training to 6 hours. We are currently searching for tax experts in specialty areas interested accelerated training. The technology we bring you is scientifically proven and 100% guaranteed.

Please contact to learn more about the future of tax training. We are searching for tax, accounting and legal organizations with a large number of employees now working remotely. You are 100% guaranteed to gain a significant competitive advantage managing your workforce with this virtual technology.


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Kat Jennings, CEO

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