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Do You Know About These Valuable Resources Through TaxConnections?

Thomas Kerester, Tax Blog, Tax Advisor, TaxConnections., Washington DC

Did you know that you are one click away from reading the provisions of all the Tax Treaties currently in effect between the United States and other countries around the world at TaxConnections?

Did you know you can reach TaxConnections Members  who are highly trained experts in international tax  who are easily accessible and available to assist you?

Did you know select TaxConnections Members have served on the Tax Staffs of Congressional Tax Writing Committees and participated in the Congressional Legislative process including offering testimony before Committees?

Do you know how to communicate with Members of Congress? We provide our members’ guidance on the First Amendment to the United States Constitution which guarantees the right of all citizens to communicate with their elected representatives. Click Here

Did you know TaxConnections Members receive valuable information on the recent Notice of Proposed Rulemaking proposals to streamline IRS Regulations?  Members receive access to reports that link up each of the 298 Regulations in the (CFR) Code of Federal Regulations. It is important to note you now have until May 2018 to make comments or request a public hearing on these proposed changes.

TaxConnections now provides up-to-the-minute newswires, bulletins and other releases of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) from our Washington D.C. Tax Ambassador, Tom Kerester. Need a letter to reach a Congressional Office on Capitol Hill?




Thomas Kerester

Tom Kerester knows how to connect the dots! Tom is working with TaxConnections to make a difference by getting people involved behind the scenes of the Ways and Means. We will take you on an educational journey through a series of blogs and show you how to get involved in making a difference in the new tax legislative policy under the President Trump Administration.