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Developing A Leading Corporate Tax Team In 2017

Developing a productive tax organization is an art of management. Each week over the next twelve weeks, you will receive an article that addresses a challenge corporate tax executive’s face in running tax organizations. What makes me an expert on the subject? There are a handful of us who are true experts in tax executive search and you really can count us all on one hand.

I would venture to say we have a great deal of respect for each other knowing what we know now, that we wish we had known then. This series is dedicated to tax executives who are on the front lines leading corporate tax organizations around the world today. The purpose of this insightful weekly series is to provide you valuable information that will ensure you never feel alone in your journey managing a corporate tax organization. You will learn that you are not alone as you discover what happens in many other tax organizations around the world.

During more than one half million private conversations over thirty years, my fortune has been to learn from world class tax executives. This series is simply the opportunity to share extraordinary insights in corporate tax organizations with you. The topics to be covered in my weekly tax management posts are intended to help you in the fine art of running a corporate tax organization today. Stay tuned as here is what to come every Thursday in this new series.

2017 – Developing A Leading Corporate Tax Team Series

  1. Questions You Should Ask Of Everyone In Your Tax Department
  2. How To Get The Tax Team You Need
  3. Plan For Changes In Your Tax Department Every Year
  4. Strategy For Attracting Talent You Need In A Tax Organization
  5. Interview Guide For Your Tax Department
  6. Smart Strategies To Utilize With Corporate Management Teams
  7. Are You Managing A Tax Department Across Multiple Locations?
  8. Will Your Company Be Acquired? Smart Planning Strategies 
  9. How Do You Find Tax Interns For Your Tax Department? 
  10. The Nicest Thing You Can Do For Your Corporate Tax Team
  11. Reward The Best Contributors To The Tax Department
  12. Managing A Peripatetic Tax Department Around The World

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