Courtesy Notice: Prepare For Upcoming IRS Mandate: Get E-File Ready Filing Excise Taxes

E-File Ready Filing Excise Taxes

This is a courtesy notice regarding IRS mandate requiring e-filing on excise tax filings.

Prepare For Upcoming IRS Mandate: Get E-File Ready Filing Excise Taxes

It’s hard to imagine that many large multinational corporations are still preparing excise taxes manually on paper. This is, in fact, the case and previously left large organizations with few choices solving the challenge of filing excise tax returns. Many of the providers were previously small organizations who could not pass the IT security questions required before their software was implemented in a large enterprise software. Finally, an enterprise software solution vetted and approved by large multinational organizations, and approved by the IRS for enterprise size organizations has been successfully developed.

TaxConnections is pleased to announce AKORE Enterprise Excise Tax Software is IRS approved:

AKORE’s Enterprise Excise solution is recognized and rated with high approval given AKORE Trust Document certification. This security guarantee involves passing a security questionnaire that most enterprise software companies will ask prior to implementing an outside organizations software. When you are dealing with elite professionals and software this is just good business. Many small mom and pop organizations may not have passed the security test. Be responsible and check for Trust Document Certification and ensure software is approved by the IRS before you buy any excise tax service from an organization.

The IRS will soon mandate that excise tax returns must be e-filed. Now is the time to position your organization at the front of the line for IRS APPROVED e-filing excise tax return support.

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