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Corporate Tax Executives Are Organized With TaxCalendar

Corporate Tax Executives Are Organized With Tax Calendar

Corporate tax executives searching for the best way to organize multiple international, federal, state and local, property, sales/use and VAT filings and deadlines are now turning to an easy to use organizer Tax Calendar. While many corporate entities may still be using Excel to track these tax filing deadlines, there are good reasons tax executives are adopting Akore TaxCalendar.

First of all is the ease of use. Implementing an organization that everyone on the corporate team can access in the cloud that is easy to use is the “holy grail” of software these days. This is the number one feature every tax executive searches for these days. Tax Executives want software that is so easy to navigate anyone can understand it!

Secondly, this corporate tax deadlines organizer is so affordable that every corporate tax executive should tour this software. While the competitors in the market are charging exhorbitant onboarding fees in the thousands of dollars, Akore TaxCalendar does not charge any  onboarding fees. They are of the position that it is straightforward to take an Excel document and move the data to the Akore TaxCalendar secured in your own company cloud.

Thirdly, the Akore TaxCalendar covers every imaginable tax worldwide. You name it and it is in this Tax Calendar software.

We toured this Tax Calendar and were very impressed because the software is so easy to understand even for a non-tax person in your organization. This is a must have resource and we suggest you take this tour to see how easy it really is to organize your tax filing deadlines for your domestic or worldwide tax organization.

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