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eBook To Manage And Motivate Your Employees Virtually

Heirarchy Of Needs

Psychologists believe that motivation is rooted in a basic impulse to optimize well-being, minimize physical pain, and maximize pleasure. As the leader of your team, you must pay more attention to the management of your business teams. People need leaders to lead and calm them during times of uncertainty. TaxConnections offers to anyone leading a team an eBook of motivational and inspirational messages. According to Maslow’s Heirarchy Of Needs there are 5 basic needs of humans: Self- Actualization, Esteem Needs, Belongingness And Love Needs, Safety Needs and Physiological Needs.

1. Self Actualization – A need for achieving ones full potential
2. Esteem – A need of feeling of accomplishment
3. Love/Belonging – A need for friends and relationships
4. Safety Needs – A feeling of security
5. Physiological Needs – A need for water, food and rest

There is an opportunity for you to help everyone on your team by motivating them to achieve during this time; giving them tasks they can accomplish from home; being a leader and a friend; making them feel safe about their job and addressing their physiological needs. Use this wonderful eBook of quotes to inspire those around you every day!

Request Complimentary eBook of “250 Motivational Quotes And Inspirations” as a great opportunity to message your teams each day.


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