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Complimentary Courses For Corporate Tax Professionals: ASC 740 Tax Provision And Tax Cuts And Jobs Act

Nick Frank- ASC 740 Tax Courses

Corporate tax professionals are invited to attend the four scheduled complimentary training classes on ASC 740. These include: ASC 740 – Intersection Series; ASC 740 The Basics; ASC 740 Stock Compensation And Sec 162m; and ASC 740 International Under The Tax Cuts And Jobs Act.

These courses are part of a series brought to you by Tax Prodigy/TaxConnections and are with our compliments. Nick Frank is a national leading instructor on the tax provision and makes simplifies the entire process for anyone responsible for the corporate tax provision. He is also CEO of Tax Prodigy and a Professor at the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, Minnesota on the tax provision.

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