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Compliance 2014 – Capital Gains Tax – Ireland

If you’ve already made or about to make a disposal of a capital asset (e.g. certain shares, an investment property, a business, etc.) anytime between 1st January and 30th November 2014 you will be obliged to pay your Capital Gains Tax by 15th December 2014.

If you decide to wait and dispose of your asset between 1st December and 31st December 2014 then your payment will be due by 31st January 2015.

What happens if you miss these deadlines?

Interest of 0.0219% per day will be applied to all late payments of Capital Gains Tax.

What happens if you make a gain in the first part of the year and a loss in the second part?

Even if you’ve made an overall loss for the year, you will be obliged to pay the Capital Gains Tax arising on any gain you’ve made in the first part of 2014 by the specific payment date being 15th December 2014.

You can then submit your claim for a tax refund in January 2015 if a loss arises in the second part of the year.

Any tax saving tips?

Plan the timing of your disposals so that capital gains and capital losses arise in the same period thereby enabling you to offset the losses against the gains and effectively reduce any potential tax liability.

This can be very useful from a cash flow point of view.

What about filing obligations?

You must include details of all your capital acquisitions and/or disposals made in 2013 in your 2013 Income Tax Return.

This Return must be filed with Revenue by 31st October 2014.

There is an extension to 13th November 2014 if you are using the Revenue Online System (ROS).

What happens to individuals who are not obliged to file an Income Tax Return?

You may file a CG1 Form which can be downloaded from the Irish Revenue website

As with the Income Tax Return, the due date for filing is 31st October 2014.

Please be aware, there is no facility to file this Form online which means the 13th November 2014 extension does not apply to the CG1 Form.

Are there any penalties for late filing?

If you are late filing your Tax Return but manage to do before 31st December 2014 there will be a 5% surcharge of the amount of tax payable up to a maximum of €12,695.00.

If you file your Return after 31st December 2014 a 10% surcharge will be levied up to a maximum amount of €63,485.00.


It is essential that all Tax Advisers and Accountants make their clients aware of the tax filing and payment requirements as well as the potential penalties that apply in cases of non-compliance.



Since founding Accounts Advice Centre in Dublin in 1996, Claire McNamara has established a reputation for successfully advising businesses, corporate and personal tax clients. Her knowledge spans various sectors and her experience includes corporate transactions, inheritance tax planning, International Tax Treaties, personal tax as well as advising on issues affecting non domiciled individuals and offshore clients. She constantly delivers a value added service and efficient tax management solutions to high net worth private clients, property owners, executives, entrepreneurs, entertainers and members of various professions.

As a Chartered Tax Adviser, Claire has considerable experience in professional practice and will personally help you to deal with all your tax affairs competently, professionally and successfully. She has also lectured extensively in taxation on courses for the main professional accountancy qualifications including A.C.C.A., A.C.A. and C.P.A. and is actively involved in preparing students for the Irish Tax Institute’s CTA qualification.

Claire has effectively handled a number of Revenue Audits and Appeals on behalf of her diverse client base and has successfully negotiated solutions resulting in substantial differences to the eventual tax liability, surcharge and penalties.


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  1. Avatar harold says:

    Where do you get that from? Assets owned by U.S. citizens sold ANYTIME during 2014 are reported on the tax return due April 15, 2015, not December 15. If this does not apply to U.S. citizens, you need to clarify your article.

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