Learn How Taxpayers Money Is Spent

If you ever wonder how the government spends your taxpayer money, you will learn alot looking at the site https://www.usaspending.gov/ and click on Start Conducting Search. As an example, I went to the site to conduct a search under Year 2023 and Award Type/ Contracts and this displays all the corporations who received US Government Contracts:

When we conducted a search on the government site https://www.usaspending.gov/ about Award Type/Loans this is what we discovered:

What is surprising are the millions of dollars in payments to Universities and the Ministry of Finance of Angola for 159M, and miscellaneous awards in Brazil for 487M through the US International Financial Development Corporation.

When you visit the https://www.usaspending.gov/ site about Award Type/ Direct Payments you see this:

If you have not been communicating to your Representatives, it is time to ask real questions. Here is the House of Representatives Directory.