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What You Need To Know About Voluntary Disclosure Agreements

What You Need To Know About Voluntary Disclosure Agreements

When it comes to business taxes, compliance is absolutely essential. That said, mistakes happen. When they do, it’s often better for your business to be up front about those potential tax liabilities than keeping silent and hoping for the best. In this blog, we’re weighing the pros and cons of voluntary disclosure agreements (VDAs) and why a business might want to enter into such an agreement with a state.

What Is A Voluntary Disclosure Agreement?

Simply put, entering into voluntary disclosure agreements is about companies identifying their potential state tax exposure (sales tax, income tax, or both) and coming forward voluntarily to pay any outstanding liabilities before the state identifies the company as part of an audit or other outreach effort. As states are becoming more aggressive in their pursuit of out-of-state taxpayers, it’s becoming a bit of an inevitability that businesses with tax liabilities will be found eventually.

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